Most of the time when plans are drawn by an engineer, the layout for the low voltage is just a general guideline, they have no idea what you will ultimately need, if they include anything at all. This is where the customer and contractor have to devise a plan for what will be needed. Some people think of low voltage cabling as a small part of the job that won’t require attention until the project is near the end, not realizing that every computer, phone, printer/copier, fax machine, credit card machine, postage machine, POS, wireless access point, time clock, fire alarm panel, security panel, camera, and TV, just to name a few, will each require a home run cable. Then they find out there will need to be multiple wiring rooms with multiple data racks, all connected by fiber. What they thought of as a small job turns into a huge project, and they aren’t prepared.

This can be a very common scenario, but can be completely avoided by talking with a competent contractor from the beginning of construction, and usually can be planned out in just a few hours. Do not assume the general contractor will take care of this, because their job is to construct the building, EXACTLY ACCORDING TO THE PLANS! Think of what you need and make a plan, it will save you from a lot of stress in the future.

Our ultimate goal with every install is proper functionality. While this is obvious, many people don’t understand the infrastructure required for a flawless network.

We are here to help with planning, engineering, and technical questions. Whether you have had a past experience that was a disaster, are currently in one, or want to avoid it next time, feel free to contact us.